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Curves patented compression fabric provides targeted compression with moisture wicking and cooling properties, plus active silver antimicrobial protection for comfortable compression support.


Our patented fabric combines the power of soft stretch fiber with a warp knit construction to achieve optimal comfort and support. The unique construction of our compression fabric stretches up to 250% of it’s original length and up to 100% more than competitors, providing superior stretch and comfort through extended wear.


Our compression fabric is designed with warp knits that are engineered and interwoven in precision loops to form an X-weave that maintains nearly perfect levels of controlled compression.

Our exclusive weave uses fibers that are wrapped so they are softer on the skin than most stretch fibers like those in Powernet.


Our fabric is engineered to provide consistent, therapeutic compression for post-surgical recovery. Our garments are designed for invasive, minimally-invasive, and non-invasive procedures.

Studies show that targeted compression can help:

• Stimulate the lymphatic system to promote the body’s natural healing response
• Improve tautness and smoothness of the skin
• Reduce swelling, bruising, and pain
• Protect the surgical site


Our fabric harnesses the elemental power of active silver using a patented delivery system to bind and neutralize harmful agents, slowing their spread.

The active silver stays on the fabric and remains active through multiple washes. It will not detach or degrade at high temperatures, and will not discolor fabrics.

Moisture Wicking

Our fabric is naturally cooling and breathable, allowing moisture to wick away from the body. The properties help improve comfort and encourages consistent use, which leads to better compliance and outcomes.

Undeniable Comfort

“Amazing quality and feeling!!!!! I don’t even feel like I’m wearing it! Hands down it’s better than the ones I got from my doctor after my surgery. I am definitely getting more in different sizes! Absolutely love it!”

Niloufar M, Virginia

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